Mariah Carey: her ex Nick Cannon will still be a dad of twins

Nick Cannon is about to become a dad once again! On December 15, Abby de La Rosa announced that she was pregnant with twins. Last February, it was in a magnificent video that the young woman revealed that she was expecting two little boys! On Instagram, the pretty brunette had revealed: “For those who ask, yes there are twins in my family. My mother’s brothers, so my uncles, are identical twins. My mother also had many pairs of twins in his family. ” If Abby de La Rose has long left the suspense about the identity of the father of her children, it is by sharing pregnancy photos that she let it be understood that Nick Cannon would soon be a dad.

Sunday April 11, 2021, it is by sharing a series of pictures that the young woman wrote: “Our very dear sons – my miracle babies, thank you for choosing me to be your mother. I know that the Lord has me intended and prepared me for the gift of not one but two little angels. I pray that God will give you both the strength to walk courageously and boldly in your individual truth just like your daddy. May God you bless and your brother and guide you in achieving your full goal. ” Finally, Abby de La Rosa added, “Your father and I will always be there for both of you; in unison and with full support. No matter what this world may throw in your path, know that forgiveness is the key. and what’s for you is for YOU! You are loved so much already. and we can’t wait to meet you both. “

Nick Cannon soon to be a father of six

On April 31, 2011, Nick Cannon discovered the joys of fatherhood alongside Mariah Carrey, following the birth of their twins, Moroccan and Monroe. A few years later, it was with Brittany Bell that he became the father of a little Golden. While he welcomed his fourth child last December, it was on Instagram that Abbé de La Rosa had revealed at the beginning of the year: “In 2020, the man who is now the father of my children and me, we are reconnected. I could never have imagined where we will be now. This is not a basic love story, it is a real story. Her open-mindedness and her honesty won me over but by above all, he’s my closest friend. “

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon © ALAIN ROLLAND

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