It’s a cliché that sends shivers down your spine. Maria Shriver was photographed next week, on a walk in Los Angeles. Dressed in a white t-shirt and leggings, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ex-wife literally shocked her fans. The reason ? Her natural face that is simply unrecognizable. Some even wondered if the photos had not been retouched (see photo here).

It was in 2011 that the journalist and Arnold Schwarzenegger separated, following an infidelity of the actor. But it will take more than ten years for the divorce to finally be formalized. The reason for the slowness of the procedure? The immense heritage of the couple that had to be divided, but also the complexity of many financial aspects, according to the revelations of our colleagues from TMZ. It was Maria Shriver who filed for divorce after her husband admitted cheating on her with their governess, Mildred Baena, who even gave birth to a son, in 1997.

Arnold Schwarzenegger apologizes for his infidelity

Arnold Schwarzenegger then admitted his infidelity: “After the end of my term as governor, I spoke to my wife about this event, which dates back more than a decade. I understand and I deserve the feelings of anger and disappointment of my friends and family,” the former governor said in a statement at the time. “There is no excuse and I take full responsibility for the harm I have caused. I have apologized to Maria, my children and my family. I am truly sorry.” It was in 1977 that the two former lovebirds met. Ten years later, Maria Shriver had married the actor and together they had four children.

Maria Shriver disfigured: Arnold Schwarzenegger's ex-wife unrecognizable in natural photos

Maria Shriver © Backgrid USA


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