Football players are regularly the target of burglary… Currently on vacation, Marco Verratti saw the house he was renting in Ibiza being burglarized on Sunday June 26, 2022. As indicated by relatives of the case to AFP , the thieves allegedly stole “a significant amount of jewelry and money.” According to Diario de Ibiza, a local newspaper, the damage would amount to 3 million euros. If the football star was robbed of valuables, she was fortunately not on the scene at the time of the theft. According to the latest information revealed, no trace of break-in would have been found on the spot.

If Marco Verratti did not speak, many Internet users reacted to this burglary. On Twitter, they openly mocked him. “Resolution for next summer: think about not going on vacation with 3 million euros”; “Hard to see 1 month’s salary disappear like that…”; “My god, the poor! I propose a kitty”, can we read. With humor, a user wrote: “So it’s simple as far as I’m concerned, if burglars come to my house and they board for 3 million euros, it’s because they left with the building. !” Shocked, a fan shared: “3 million euro objects… Watches, jewelry, I imagine… They don’t have bodyguards at that price to watch over these objects 24 hours a day. ?” Benevolent, a fan meanwhile slipped: “Courage to him and his wife!”

Paul Pogba was the victim of a burglary three months earlier

Sunday March 20, 2022, it was Paul Pogba who had been the victim of a burglary. If he was not on the scene at the time, these children were present with their nanny. Upset, it was for Le Figaro that he confided: “On returning home, I discovered my home burglarized after the intrusion of three people who stole my safe. There were jewels from my mother, my world champion medal … ” Moved, he added: “What scared me the most was that my two children were at home with the nanny during this incident. She heard everything, called my wife and security, then locked herself with the boys in a room. For several days she was in shock.”

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