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Man found in woods after missing for 5 years

The facts are hardly believable. A 40-year-old Lithuanian man named Ricardas Puisys was found by British authorities on July 1. While believed to be dead, he was found hiding in a forest in the county of Cambridgeshire, near the town of Wisbech, England. Five years earlier, it is precisely in this same county that Ricardas Puisys had disappeared, after his work, on September 26, 2015. In November, a murder investigation was opened. All the while, the authorities searched for him again and again … to no avail.

Finally, the man was found thanks to social networks! His trace was found by the authorities because he had suddenly created a Facebook account in his own name in November 2019. His account included photos of him, and several members of his family were among his “friends” on the social network. Ricardas Puisys was finally found, “deliberately hidden […] in a very well camouflaged undergrowth,” Rob Hall, the chief detective inspector of the local police, said in a statement. In 2015, the then 35-year-old Lithuanian man reportedly tried to escape people who exploited him.

Found last July, the police waited a month before officially announcing the news, “in order to protect him and to be able to put security measures in place”. “He is safe and we are working closely with him to make sure he stays safe, and receives the support he needs after going through an extremely difficult experience for the past five years if not is more, “said the Chief Detective Inspector. An investigation is underway.

Man found in the woods after missing for 5 years © Facebook

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