Man found alive after 2 months of loneliness in frozen realm where no one survives

Yakutia is an ice kingdom known as a place where no one survives. Well, there is one man who managed to stay alive there despite the elements: Yegor Krivoshapkin, a 45-year-old man who was found after being lost for two months in this region of Siberia. Miraculously discovered, this reindeer herder does not remember how he ended up there, nor how he did not lose his life in this place known to be one of the coldest on the planet.

As rescuers gave up all hope of finding him, the father of three was seen about 180 kilometers from where he had gone missing. He managed to avoid attacks from brown bears and wolves that roam the area for over two months. Its disappearance dates back to August, when temperatures could drop to -20 degrees.

“No one can survive under these conditions”

According to some reports, Yegor Krivoshapkin stumbled upon a consignment of canned food left on the tundra during Soviet times as emergency supplies for lost shepherds. We told his relatives that “no one can survive in such conditions, that you have to be realistic”. But they never gave up hope and even hired a psychic, Maria Kupriyanova, known as Sanaaya, who predicted that he would be found alive on an important day for the family.

And this 40-year-old finally reappeared in a tent that reindeer herder Rodion Golikov had left equipped with a stove and provisions when the man disappeared in Verkhoyansk, one of the coldest permanently inhabited districts in the world. .. on the birthday of his little nephew.

Yegor is now in hospital being treated for frostbite, but doctors say his condition is stable and he will be “able to walk” again. He is what is called a superman.

A man found alive in Siberia © Pexels

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