Malicious passers-by! A large mother denounces her daily ordeal suffered in the street

Having a lot of kids can be tricky to deal with on a day-to-day basis, but that’s not Maddie Shawcroft’s biggest problem. The 31-year-old American is the mother of seven children: Riley, thirteen, Daxon, seven, Elliana, six, Oliver, five, Atticus, three, Juniper, two and finally Rosalyn, two months. Maddie explains that she and her husband Patrick didn’t particularly want to have a lot of kids. After having Riley in a previous relationship, she felt the need to have more children. A stay-at-home mom living in Pell City, Alabama, she explains that people on the streets aren’t necessarily sympathetic to her: “People often judge us on the street, they make negative comments and that annoys me.”

This family of nine does indeed not go unnoticed when they go out on the streets, as Maddie told the Mirror: “People often point their fingers at our children and ask me if I know what happened. answer that I know very well and it suits me like that. Strangers often ask us if all the children are ours. It frustrates me, especially if I was already having a bad day. It’s hard enough without these comments “. Maddie Shawcroft does not regret her lifestyle and her large family, however: “The number of children we have is a personal choice. I cannot imagine what my life would be like without my children, I love them so much”.

“I still have some kind remarks”

However, not all of the comments Maddie and Patrick receive are negative: “I still have a few nice comments, some people call me super mom.” With so many kids, Maddie and Patrick are forced to organize themselves well: “It’s chaotic around the house. My kids are both best friends and worst enemies. When we go out, we often have to. We have a pair system where the children hold hands, they know they have to stay together when we go out. ” Maddie finally claims that she wants to stop at seven children and that she is very happy like that.

Maddie Shawcroft and her 7 children © Instagram Maddie Shawcroft

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