Mako of Japan no longer holds the title of princess since she married commoner Kei Komuro. Their marriage is among one of the most commented on in 2021, or even in recent years, according to Histoires Royales. The union of the eldest daughter of Crown Prince Fumihito of Japan with Kei Komuro had indeed caused a lot of controversy. The couple married despite the reluctance of the Imperial family of Japan. Four years after their engagement, the former princess of Japan and her New York law firm lover are getting married on Oct. 26, 2021. Royal Stories describes Kei Komuro as a “young man who has been heavily criticized in Japan.”

Japan’s Princess Mako, 30, has lived with her husband in New York since their marriage. The princess of Japan had to start a whole new life in the city of New York. “She has been removed from the registers of the imperial family, has returned her tiara and will no longer be able to make engagements in the name of the family”, specifies Histoires Royales. In addition, Mako from Japan refused the endowment of approximately 1 million euros to which she was entitled. The daughter of the heir to the imperial throne has thus chosen a most ordinary civilian life. In addition, the Japanese press announced that the now Mako Komuro has found a job in New York.

Mako of Japan: the fallen princess exiled finds a first job in a museum of New York

The Japanese press reports that Emperor Naruhito’s niece has found her first job in New York. Mako from Japan would collaborate with the Metropolitan Museum of Art (Met). The Japanese press also indicates that the princess stripped of her titles lives just a few minutes from the Met, in a luxury apartment. The first job that the former princess of Japan found would be unpaid. “A source from the Met indicates that the former princess is however not an employee of the museum and that it is a mission within the framework of a voluntary work”, specifies Histoires Royales.

Princess Mako of Japan © SAM RYAN

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