Winner of the fifth season of Star Academy, Magalie Vaé is today a fulfilled woman. The one who will soon present her new single to the public confided in Jordan de Luxe in L’instant de Luxe on Friday, October 29. The host sought to find out more about her life which she prefers to keep private.

In 2011, Magalie Vaé gave birth to a baby girl, Elia. Since separated from her father, she explained that she had good relations with him: “We are separated, but he is present, things are going well (…) Today, he is very happy on his side and I am very happy for him “. The singer then confessed to Jordan de Luxe that she had found love again, but that she did not want to reveal the identity of her new companion. She confided: “I suffered at the time of this unpacking in public, when I had my boyfriend at the time of the Star Ac (…) I do not want to relive that, I want to protect us” .

Magalie Vaé makes some confidences about her new companion

If she does not wish to reveal the first name of her companion, Magalie Vaé has still given some information about him. She confessed that he is a little older than her, that he is in his forties and that they are not married. Regarding the project to have a second child, she remained evasive: “It is not planned. I would like, but the future will tell”.

Finally, Jordan de Luxe asked her how her companion reacted to the criticisms that the singer could receive on a daily basis. She replied: “Yes, that necessarily annoys him, but it is no use making things worse. He is not very social networks.” A funny detail when you know that Magalie Vaé met him on Facebook. The former Star Academy winner met him “at the right time” and was lucky.

Magalie Vaé and Jordan de Luxe © CEDRIC PERRIN

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