They experienced the unthinkable. On the night of August 27, 2017, little Maëlys was kidnapped. After months of searching, his body had been found. Five years later, on February 18, 2022, Nordahl Lelandais was found guilty of the kidnapping and murder of the girl. Sentenced to life imprisonment, accompanied by a 22-year security sentence, the man had apologized to the family of Maëlys. A verdict which had been described as “satisfactory” by the mother of the little girl.

Jennifer de Araujo will now try to rebuild herself, alongside her other daughter, Colleen, 17, whose life was also shattered by the murder of her little sister. She also confided in this subject in the columns of Paris Match, which unveiled an unpublished photo of Colleen and Maëlys in One of their new number. We can thus see the two sisters, very accomplices, in a car which takes them to the wedding. “Last selfie. With his sister, Colleen (left), on the road to the wedding, a few hours before his death, August 27, 2017”, one can read in caption of the photo. A moving shot of the last happy moments of Maëlys’ life.

“Lelandais took everything away from us, even our family life”

Colleen de Araujo insisted on confiding in our colleagues from Paris Match: “Lelandais took everything away from us, even our family life”. Harsh words for the young woman who saw her parents divorce recently. But mother Jennifer de Araujo wants her eldest to get on with her life, as she is trying to do. “Colleen is still young but I can’t wait to be a grandmother, to have a little baby, that’s life, what. Having a little baby to cuddle, to do lots of things with, to make him discover the life, teach him a lot of things …”, she confided during her passage in Seven to Eight, on March 6.

The heartbreaking story of Maëlys’ sister: “Lelandais took everything away from us, even our family life”

— Paris Match (@ParisMatch) March 30, 2022
Maëlys’ parents © Pascal Fayolle

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