Since Sunday April 3, 2022, the day Madonna shared a video, there have been many reactions. While she filmed herself kissing the camera of her phone and she appears totally disfigured, Internet users have multiplied the criticism. Among them, there is even the daughter of the Madonna, Lourdes. The latter wrote under her mother’s publication: “off a perc like”, which means: “when you’re under percocet”. Thus the young woman insinuates that her mother would take substances which would not make her herself. The artist would be “unstable” would act in an “erratic and retarded manner”, following the taking of opiates, according to the site urbandictionnary. Moreover, according to Madonna’s daughter, her mother would take drugs sold under the Percoret brand. It would be a very powerful analgesic which is given to soothe severe pain.

In recent years, these analgesics have also been sold as drugs since their effects are similar to those produced by heroin or morphine. This is not the first time that the singer has behaved as strange on social networks. At the end of March 2022, for example, she had made the apology of alcohol and other substances. “It’s Madonna, the mother of Jesus. I’m waiting for the cocaine to take effect,” she said. Words that had been strongly denounced.

Lourdes talks about the relationship with her mother, Madonna

If the mother and the daughter seem to be close, Lourdes had confided in Interview Magazine about their relationship. “My mom is a control freak, and she’s been controlling me all my life. I needed to be completely independent as soon as I graduated from high school,” she said.

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