Madonna: the day she asked Pedro Almodovar to translate her provocative message to Antonio Banderas

This is called a real crush. Before giving the reply to Antonio Banderas in the movie Evita in 1996, Madonna had a crush on the actor. For many years, the singer has tried everything to seduce the beautiful Spanish, then in a relationship. And she tried to rally Pedro Almodovar to her cause. The director, who is releasing a short film made during confinement, has made surprising confidences in the columns of Télérama. In recent weeks, he has remembered “the phone call [he had] received from Madonna one morning at the hotel where [he had] slept after an Oscar party.” “And I thought back to another evening during which Madonna asked me to translate to Antonio what she wanted to say to him, said Pedro Almodovar to our colleagues, always very amused to have played the intermediary between the two stars. She would ask him if he liked beating women or if he preferred it to be women who mistreated him. ”

In an interview with Vulture, he said he translated this provocative question to Antonio Banderas. “Antonio didn’t say anything. He mumbled and he made a face as if to say, ‘I’m a Spanish gentleman, and I will do whatever a lady asks me to do.’ For me, that was a silence and an eloquent gesture. But Madonna wanted more. He asked again … and got the same answer “, continued Pedro Almodovar. Obsessed with Antonio Banderas, the star even made a documentary, Truth or Dare, shot during a dinner. And the least we can say is that whoever suffered a heart attack hadn’t noticed Madonna’s calls. “I had no idea what she wanted from me. She had no idea what she wanted from me. called me, and I was finishing the Mambo Kings here in Los Angeles, “he said during the promotion of a film … by Pedro Almodovar.

Madonna: “He’s one of the few actors I was dying to meet”

“I thought someone was playing a joke on me because I picked up the phone and it was Madonna, I couldn’t believe it,” he joked. In this documentary, released in 1990 and in which she retraced one of her tours, the singer introduced the actor to people who did not know him. “Antonio Banderas is that Spanish actor I’ve had a crush on for two years,” Madonna said in the documentary. “I’ve seen all of Antonio’s films. I have to say he’s one of the few actors that I have seen. I was dying to meet. I spent the whole week preparing for this party and I figured it out in my head: I’m going to make Antiono fall madly in love with me. has one major obstacle I never really counted on: his wife. ” His subterfuge never worked.

Antonia Banderas and Madonna © ALPHA AGENCY

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