True queen of provocation, Madonna does not hesitate to expose herself in undress on social networks. A few days after revealing her buttocks live on Jimmy Fallon’s show, it was on Instagram that the singer shocked many Internet users by revealing a series of erotic photos. While the social network censored her photos, the star decided to post them again, hiding her nipples with emojis. Angry, she explained: “I repost these photos that Instagram deleted without warning or notification … The reason given to my team, which does not manage my account, is that a small part of my nipple was visible. I find it mind boggling that we live in a culture that allows every inch of a woman’s body to be shown except for a nipple. As if that is the only part of the nipple. anatomy of a woman who could be sexualized. The nipple that feeds the baby! “

Revolted, Madonna explained, “Can’t a male nipple be seen as erotic? !! And what about a woman’s buttocks, which are never censored anywhere. I’m grateful to have it? managed to preserve my sanity through four decades of censorship, sexism, ageism and misogyny. ” To conclude, it is with reference to the origin of the Thanksgiving holiday that the interpreter of Like a Virgin added: “All of this is perfectly synchronized with the lies that led us to believe that the pilgrims have peacefully broken up. bread with the Native Americans when they landed at Plymouth Rock. “

Has Madonna become a caricature of herself?

In the comments section, many Internet users reacted to the photos and the rant of the singer. We can read: “If that is a problem for you, you can always post on OnlyFans or on a porn site. Children see this every day and follow you, they are tired of this soft porn”; “Someone who accepts their age wouldn’t alter their photos to the point of looking 40 years younger … If it’s not ageism, then what is it?” ; “She becomes a caricature of herself”; but also: “This is called attention seeking. Breastfeeding is beautiful, powerful, graceful; your photos are not! So many good causes to fight for, but you chose to fight for vulgarity. What does this last image represent? Denigrate women. Absolutely horrible! I hope one day you will achieve what you are doing. “


Lara T.
Lara T.

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