Madonna is a timeless star who likes to “provoke and wake people up”, as she said in a recent interview with Nil Rodgers. An interview that comes after the star made the cover of Paper Magazine. Note that the four cover pages with the singer on the poster were particularly sexy. True to form, on Tuesday August 30, Madonna talked about sex to her fans in a video on her YouTube channel, but not only. Indeed, she also talked about rather personal topics.

Indeed, it is with astonishing frankness that the 64-year-old pop star answered 50 questions from his fans about his next album. “Get married. Both times,” she answered when asked what she realizes “isn’t the best idea.” The star obviously referenced her two marriages to Sean Penn and Guy Ritchie. Also during this interview, the singer revealed that her current obsession is “sex”. In addition, she also confided that if she had not been an artist, she would have been a teacher.

A possible collaboration with Britney Spears?

Many revelations were made during these questions and answers. One of the most striking being that she confided that sex helped her to hold on. In her momentum, she also admitted that she would like to collaborate with Kendrick Lamar. The seven-time Grammy winner also confessed that the hardest part of her upcoming biopic was getting her whole life into a feature film.

Among the collaborations of which the singer would dream, there is the one with Britney Spears. This 19 years after the release of their flagship title Me Against The Music. Maybe a collaboration is on the horizon….

Madonna affirms it: her current obsession is sex!


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