Madeleine from Sweden: why is she returning to the country with her three children?

Princess Madeleine lives in Florida, United States with her husband and three children. Due to the global pandemic context, she was unable to travel to the country as usual. The princess used to go regularly to Stockholm, to the family summer residence on the island of Öland or on the French Riviera. Due to the restrictions, Princess Madeleine and her family had to cancel several visits to Europe.

According to Royal Court spokeswoman Margareta Thorgren, Princess Madeleine and all her family arrived in Sweden on June 14. Her husband Chris O’Neill and her children Princess Leonore, Prince Nicolas and Princess Adrienne accompany the princess for a stay of several weeks. Apparently, Princess Madeleine’s family would be in Sweden for at least four weeks, minus the Royal Palace press release.

“the Royal Palace has communicated the program of the birthday of Princess Victoria”

Another birthday has already been celebrated on June 15, 2021, it was the 6th birthday of little Prince Nicolas. In addition, the children of Princess Madeleine will have the opportunity to meet Prince Julian for the first time, who was born on March 26. The small family can finally enjoy a more or less long stay in Sweden since the princely couple has been vaccinated. Chances are they will attend Princess Victoria’s birthday party in less than a month.

The birthday of Princess Victoria, the sister of Princess Madeleine, will be celebrated on July 14. According to the statement, the event will be celebrated “publicly and privately at Solliden Palace on the island of Öland”. The same press release deludes the presence of other members of the royal family at the party. It is therefore a safe bet that Princess Madeleine and her family will remain in Sweden at least until that date.

Princess Madeleine of Sweden © STELLA PICTURES

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