May 3, 2007 was marked by the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, an almost four-year-old British girl. The facts took place in Praia da Luz in the Algarve in Portugal where his family was on vacation. Since then, her parents have never given up their research and it is a young German, 21 years old, who recently appeared on social networks. She claims to be Maddie McCann and did not hesitate to reveal a lot of “evidence” to confirm her statements. She first explained that she “asked for a copy of my birth certificate” but it was not given to her. The young woman also indicates that she has “no memory of her childhood” and even if she has no doubts about her age, she wonders if it is “her true identity”. According to his words, his first memory dates back to a vacation. “I was in an apartment where it was very hot, there was the beach and colorful buildings,” she said on her Instagram account. “I don’t see my family in this memory,” continued the young woman. When she disappeared, Maddie McCann was in an apartment that resembled this description.

Julia Faustyna is convinced, it is quite possible that she is actually the young Maddie McCann. To prove her statements, she did not hesitate to share evidence concerning her physique. First of all, she explains that she has the same mark in her eye as the little girl, but also a freckle on her leg. “I have the same mark in the eye but also the same shape of the face, ears, lips and the gap between the teeth”, assures Julia Faustyna. Subsequently, she also shared images on which she pointed out her resemblances to Gerry and Kate McCann, the parents of the little girl. In the comments, Internet users assured that there was a certain resemblance, whether with the parents or even Maddie McCann. On her Instagram account, the young German revealed to her subscribers that she was a “victim of a pedophile”, whom she had confronted “two weeks earlier about Maddie McCann”. According to her words, when she should have talked about it with her parents, both would have refused any discussion. Will the mystery surrounding Maddie McCann’s disappearance finally be solved?

Maddie McCann: did the parents of the young woman agree to do a DNA test?

What if Julia Faustyna was actually Maddie McCann? This is a hypothesis that was taken very seriously, in particular by Gerry and Kate McCann. “Help me, I need to speak to Kate and Gerry McCann. I think I could be Madeleine. I need a DNA test”, wrote Julia Faustyna before adding: “There are a few month, my grandmother told me that my family knew that I had been injured by a paedophile”. A few days later, she had specified that the parents of the missing little girl agreed to carry out a DNA test. “Thank you for your support! Gerry and Kate McCann have accepted that I take a DNA test,” she said, relieved. Will this test be conclusive and provide answers after all these years? Is Julia Faustyne really Maddie McCann?

Maddie McCann: these convincing "proofs" put forward by the young woman convinced of being the missing girl

Maddie McCann © Facebook

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