It is a story that is much talked about. On May 3, 2007, 4-year-old Maddie McCann disappeared while sleeping in a hotel room in Portugal. While investigators are convinced that she is dead, but that her body has never been found, a young woman has recently caused a twist in the investigation. Indeed, Julia, who lives in Poland, claimed that she thought she was the missing little girl because of many similarities with her.

A few weeks later, when her story was widely shared, Julia finally changed her story, explaining that she could in fact be Livia Schepp, a little girl abducted with her twin sister by her father in Switzerland, in 2011. If no link has been made with one of the two missing, Julia could well be a child abducted and then adopted by another family.

Julia would now be in the United States

If a wave of support quickly formed around Julia after her revelations, the young woman also received death threats. Indeed, his head would have been priced at 48,000 dollars (about 45,000 euros). Concerned about her safety and helped by her adviser Fia Johansson, she is said to have left Poland to go to the United States. She is currently being hosted in Los Angeles, by her spokesperson.

In an interview with the Sun, Fia Johansson confided in the threats received by the young woman. “Enemies have been attacking Julia ever since she came forward. The situation in Poland is that she has no one. Her family doesn’t want to talk to her. Julia never said, ‘I’m Madeleine McCann’. She has a lot of questions about her past and she asked for help,” she said. The counselor is now determined to help her investigate to uncover the mystery behind her childhood.

Maddie McCann: the woman who believed to be the missing girl ran away for a delusional reason

Julia and Maddie McCann © DR

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