Maddie McCann: inspired by Josef Fritzl, suspect # 1 built another hideout

The mystery remains. In 2007, the world learned of the disappearance of little Maddie Mcann during a family vacation in Portugal. Since then, researchers have been hard at work trying to understand what happened that night to the little British girl. Over the years, investigators have followed different leads. The most recent, the excavation of a workers’ garden near Hanover (Germany). Shovels, backhoes and sniffer dogs were used to scrutinize every corner of the place. In June, the police took an interest in a new suspect, Christian B.

Already convicted of another case, this German repetitive pedophile has been implicated in a rape in Portugal. The latter lived in Hanover mid-2007, he would then have frequented the open garden in question which explains this excavation. When questioned by the Mirror, a former friend of the suspect made a disturbing revelation. He said that Christian B. had told him about building a cellar like Josef Fritzl. The latter had kept his daughter captive in a cellar. He had had seven children with her. “There was a hole in the ground inside the subdivision and one day he told me he wanted to put clear plexiglass glass on it,” said the friend in question. Before adding: “I knew he had criminal activities. He wanted to take me with him to steal diesel. But I didn’t know anything about the children.”

A cellar and foundations

The man, who last saw the suspect four years ago, said: “He was a good friend, but I’m disgusted now.” This cellar was discovered by investigators during excavations. The former owner of the land next to Christian B.’s assured authorities that the suspect was living there in 2007: “I remembered his face from the images in the news. And I remember his van and of his dogs. Until then, I had completely forgotten “. Before giving other valuable clues: “The building was not really a house, you could call it a shed. But there was a cellar and below it would be foundations. This building was destroyed in 2008” . For the moment, the German police have not communicated on the precise object of the searches or on the result of the search.

Info – A new suspect in the case of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann (Maddie) – JERRY ET K © GOFF INF

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