Fourteen years after Maddie McCann went missing while on vacation on Portugal’s Algarve coast, her mother has made a big decision. Kate McCann has decided to return to work full time for the first time since her daughter’s disappearance. She is back as a doctor in a Leicester hospital.

Kate McCann has decided to help others in the city of Leicester, very hard hit by the current health crisis. Indeed, the city entered lockdown on March 23, 2020 and did not exit until April 2021. A family friend gave more details about her return to work: “Kate is back as a doctor. She now helps in her local hospitals and does not do any surgical work (…) She went back to a full-time job helping others in need. “

Kate and Gerry McCann are both doctors

Maddie McCann’s parents met in 1993 in Glasgow, Scotland while studying. Kate was studying at the University of Dundee to become a general practitioner while Gerry McCann was at the University of Glasgow to become a cardiologist. Now that Kate McCann has decided to return to work, she may find herself meeting regularly there with her husband, a professor of cardiac imaging at the University of Leicester and a cardiologist at several hospitals in the city.

Since her daughter’s disappearance, Kate McCann, now 53, was an ambassador for children’s charities, but had not wished to return to her job as a general practitioner.

Fourteen years after her disappearance, little Maddie McCann remains nowhere to be found. A suspect, Christian Brueckner has been arrested and is currently in custody in a prison in northern Germany. He is serving a 7-year sentence for the rape of a 72-year-old American woman.

Maddie McCann © JLPPA

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