His announcement brought back the Maddie McCann affair. A few days ago, a young Polish woman named Julia Wendell took to her social networks to launch an appeal. Convinced of being the little girl who disappeared in 2007, she wanted to speak to the girl’s parents and asked for a DNA test. “My mum doesn’t want to talk about it. She says the past is in the past and she’s not going to talk about the past. She says we should focus on the future. My dad said ‘And If I wasn’t your dad, would that make a difference?'” she said in the video.

In addition to this publication on Instagram, Julia Wendell claimed to have many points in common with Maddie McCann, in particular physical with the same task in the eye which is very rare. Since then, the police services and the specialized media around the world have only been agitated to find out if the statements of this Polish teenager are true. But while waiting for a DNA test to be carried out to discover the truth, the latter has come close to horror.

The young Polish did not go far from the horror

Because three men, connoted as perverse, managed to contact her. The latter made him believe that they were friends of the parents of Maddie McCann and that they were going to help him find his true identity. It was actually a terrible trick by offering to join them in a hotel room. Followed by a doctor named Fia Johansson, the 21-year-old girl avoided the worst. The latter noticed the suspicious emails from these men and forbade him to contact them.

“It’s very dangerous for her to do anything right now because she has no idea what she’s doing and at the same time her family isn’t very supportive of her,” Dr Johansson said. at Radaronline.com. “My investigators discovered that three pedophiles were trying to lure Julia to hotels saying they were friends of the McCann family who were trying to solve the mystery of Madeleine. It’s really a sad situation,” added the specialist .

Maddie McCann case: this trap from which the young woman persuaded to be the missing girl would have escaped

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