On May 3, 2007, little Maddie McCann suddenly disappeared in Praia da Luz in Portugal. Since then, her parents have been looking for her relentlessly. But now a 21-year-old German girl has appeared on social networks, claiming to be the missing little girl. “Help me, I need to talk to Kate and Gerry McCann. I think I might be Madeleine. I need a DNA test,” her Instagram account bio read. For the young woman, there is no doubt who this little girl who disappeared so many years ago would be. “A few months ago, my grandmother told me that my family knew that I had been injured by a pedophile,” she confides.

Following this publication, the family of Maddie McCann requested a DNA test from the young woman, named Julia Wandelt. And for good reason, she presented two proofs that she was, according to her, the young Maddie. She claims to have a freckle on her leg and a spot in her eye, just like Madeleine McCann. “The family is not taking any risks, they are ready to look into all leads. It is important that they look into all the factors, the girl looks like her. There is no doubt about it. If what she says is true, there is chances are it’s her. It all adds up.”

An essential DNA test

From now on, the young woman hopes more than anything to be able to pass the DNA tests to prove that she is indeed little Maddie McCann. “Police investigators in the UK and Poland are trying to ignore me. I will tell my story in posts here. Help me.” In one post, the young woman claimed to have spoken to someone who claimed to be Madeleine’s cousin and told her she might “have the option” of speaking to Kate and Gerry McCann to arrange a DNA test.

Maddie McCann case: the dramatic announcement of the young woman convinced of being the missing girl

Maddie McCann © JLPPA

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