29 years ago, viewers bid farewell to the iconic 1980s-1990s sitcom, Who’s the Boss?. In this series we could follow the adventures of Tony Micelli, a handyman played by Tony Danza. In order to offer Samantha, his daughter a better living environment, he was hired to serve Angela Bower alias Judith Light, a wealthy businesswoman separated from her husband. She lived in Connecticut with her son Jonathan and her mother, Mona Robinson. If the end of the series was a hard blow for the actors, they did not have much trouble bouncing back.

Rich in the notoriety acquired through this experience, Tony Danza subsequently landed many roles in television films or television series. He distinguished himself in the film Twelve Angry Men, but also in the series The Practice, which earned him an Emmy nomination. After appearing in two seasons of the Associates for the Law series, he was also entitled to his own reality TV Teaching Tony Danza in 2010. More recently, he did in The Good Cop and Outmatched series. brief appearances. In August 2020, Tony Danza announced that Sony Pictures Television was working in secret, to bring Who’s the Boss? back to life. “Glad to bring the Micelli family back to television! #Madameestservie”, he tweeted in the caption of a photo where he poses with Alyssa Milano who will also be part of the adventure. This time around, viewers should follow the journey of Tony Micelli and his daughter, Samantha Micelli, to single motherhood.

Judith Light, small screen star

For her part, Judith Light has also continued to chain roles on television and in the theater after the judgment of Who’s the Boss?. For eight years, the actress slipped into the shoes of prosecutor Elizabeth Donnelly in New York, special unit before joining the cast of Ugly Betty for four seasons. She has also been noticed in the series The Exes, Dallas, and Transparent. Judith Light has regularly collaborated with director Ryan Murphy. She appeared in season 2 of American Crime Story but also in The Politician, where she plays the role of Dede Standish. At 72, she is the proud owner of two Daytime Emmy Awards and two Tony Awards.

Tony Danza and Judith Light © COLUMBIA PICTURES

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