It’s the end of an 18 month old mystery. Tuesday February 7, 2023, a resident of Saint-Romain-au-mont-d’Or, in the Lyon metropolitan area, discovered skeletal remains on a plot of his land. The police identified the body as that of Gérard Champalle, a septuagenarian who has been missing since September 16, 2021. According to the authorities’ initial findings, the victim was on a path when he allegedly fell below, making the discovery of his very difficult body at the time. As a reminder, the old man had disappeared during a very rainy day which had made the paths extremely slippery.

Suffering from a degenerative Alzheimer’s disease, Gérard Champalle, 77, disappeared on September 16, 2021 after leaving his own home in Saint-Romain-au-mont-d’Or for a walk. The gendarmerie, firefighters and many volunteers then undertook research, but none of the means deployed had made it possible to find the trace of the septuagenarian. In the absence of results, the search ended up stopping, but the relatives of the old man still hoped to hear from him.

The body of Gérard Champalle identified thanks to a jewel

According to the monthly magazine Lyon Mag’, the family was able to identify the body of Gérard Champalle thanks to a jewel and what was left of his clothes. As a reminder, the day of his disappearance, the septuagenarian wore a blue shirt, Bermuda shorts, a bucket hat and sandals with socks. He also had on him a denim satchel containing a document attesting to his illness. Although the family is certain that the body discovered is indeed his, an autopsy will soon be performed to formalize the discovery and the death of the septuagenarian.

Lyon: he discovers the remains of a man who has been missing for 18 months on his land

An autopsy will be performed to formalize the discovery. ©Pixabay

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