Almost four years after the release of her last album, Lulu Gainsbourg is back. The musician is releasing a new album this Friday, November 12, entitled Replay. In full promotion for this opus, the son of Serge Gainsbourg and Bambou confided in the Thursday 11 November edition of Gala. And he took the opportunity to talk about his private life and in particular the one who shares his life, Lilou, who also spoke in the magazine.

In a relationship for seven years, the two lovers said they met on Instagram. “I saw a photo of her and I said wow”, confides Lulu Gainsbourg. Lilou, whose real name is Auralie Bossu, and who was working at the time on Virgin Radio and then on Fun Radio, added: “It happened naturally.”

Lulu Gainsbourg: “I love you without limit”

The couple now live in Amsterdam, and also work together. Lilou wrote half of the lyrics for Lulu’s new album, which she had already done in 2017 on the previous album. A duo work that poses no problem to them, on the contrary. “I’m not afraid of his judgment, said Lilou. We tell each other everything. Between us, there are no innuendos, we love each other.” And to add: “I do not see him as Lulu Gainsbourg, he is my lover!”

An intense love that Lulu Gainsbourg never fails to post on her Instagram account. “The best years are to come, and I can only be proud of you, of the person that you are,” he wrote on September 26th on a post published to celebrate Lilou’s birthday. “No man can be as happy as I have to have you in his life. I love you without limit, you know that.”

Lulu Gainsbourg © OLIVIER BORDE

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