At 35, Lucien Gainsbourg released his fourth album entitled “Replay”. On the occasion of this new release, the son of Serge Gainsbourg and his last companion, the model Bambou gave an interview to Jack, the musical medium belonging to Canal +. During this interview, the artist confided in the advantages and disadvantages of his posture as a child of the singer. The one who calls himself Lulu Gainsbourg does not hide the many advantages that his identity has brought him in his musical life. “The advantages of being a Gainsbourg, there are quite a few: the recognition of people for his character and his work. There is a benevolence towards my father even thirty years later, it’s pretty crazy”, rejoices Lucien, who would have liked to be closer to his half-sister Charlotte Gainsboug.

As for the critics, Lulu Gainsbourg has learned to live with them, without giving them too much importance. “People can judge me, say that I do like daddy, but I know that my goal is to present a work different from my father since I am not my father”, affirms the happy companion of Lilou.

Lulu Gainsbourg: “I also have things to say”

If Lucien is proud to wear his last name and does not intend to change it, he nevertheless says he hopes the public will consider him for something other than his identity as “son of Gainsbourg”: “I too have things to say. There are plenty of artists today who are inspired by my father musically, in lyrics, etc. And they have their own careers. Why not me? “He asks Jack’s microphone.

During this exclusive interview, Lulu Gainsbourg also confided in his personal inspirations, which he finds a lot in electro which has a big place in his new album Replay; “When I discovered Karftwerk, it was pretty crazy. It made me want to go into electro and design Replay, among other things”, confides the artist. Lulu, however, finds happiness in several inspirations such as the Rolling Stones or Pink Floyd, and admits to listening to very little current music.

Lulu Gainsbourg emancipated: her rare confidences in front of the camera, “I’m not my father” © COADIC GUIREC

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