It may well have been released in theaters in 1994, the film An Indian in the city of Hervé Palud remains a cult film whose lines have marked several generations. The proof, it continues to be regularly broadcast on public channels and will be, this December 30 from 9.15 p.m., broadcast on TMC. Its cast includes names that are still very well known such as those of Thierry Lhermitte, Miou-Miou or even Patrick Timsit, but that’s not all. In the main role of the young Indian, it was actor Ludwig Briand who shone when he was only 13 years old. Our colleagues from Télé 2 Weeks interviewed him in order to find out what became of his life after the success of An Indian in the City, seen by more than 7.8 million viewers when it was released in theaters. .

It is far from the world of cinema that Ludwig Briand has however evolved, as his career proves. “An Indian in the city is my only cinema experience. Afterwards I made short films, series: La Caverne de la Rose d’or, One and One are six. I was aware of the ephemeral side. of this career. When I was 18, when I passed my baccalaureate, I went on to study law “. Already during his adolescence, Ludwig Briand had his feet on the ground and wanted above all to have financial security. The one who played Mimi-Siku, a little boy lost in a big city, is now 41 years old and has become a clerk, a position he does not regret, on the contrary.

Is Ludwig Briand ashamed of his role as Mimi-Siku?

“I am a civil servant, more precisely a clerk at the Ministry of Justice, so nothing to do with the cinema!” he explained to Télé 2 Weeks. As for his private life, it is just as fulfilled as his professional life since Ludwig Briand is in a relationship and lives in the Parisian suburbs. If he does not yet have a child, it remains a project. And he will also be delighted to show them An Indian in the City. “I don’t have any children at the moment but when I do, I will certainly show them the film. It’s not something I’m ashamed of, on the contrary.”

Ludwig Briand and his mother © CHARRIAU

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