Very active in the world of dubbing, where he has lent his voice to many Hollywood actors such as Martin Lawrence, Ice Cube, Chris Rock, or even Kevin Hart, Lucien Jean-Baptiste has seen his acting career explode in recent years. After appearing in several feature films on the big screen, the actor decided to go behind the camera, making his first film in 2008, in which he also holds one of the main roles. Called The First Star, it will be rebroadcast on M6 on Friday, December 31, 2021, from 9:05 p.m.

Since then, Lucien Jean-Baptiste has had a series of successes as an actor, but also as a filmmaker. If the actor seems totally fulfilled professionally, it is also the case on the side of his private life. In a relationship with Aurélie Nollet for many years, the director confided in their relationship as part of an interview with the site in 2020. “It is true that I leave a lot of things to my current wife. I figured out that sometimes it’s better to say ‘As you want honey’ rather than ‘No, I don’t agree.’ I don’t take my wife for a noodle, but sometimes, on certain things, my wife has a lot more common sense and logic than I. Me, in the cinema, I know more or less things, but at home … “, he explained.

Lucien Jean-Baptiste: father of two children conceived with Aurélie Nollet

“I think it’s a guy’s attitude to hide behind the fact that you women know better, not to give a fuck (…). My mother raised six children on her own, so I I’ve always been on the side of women. But I’m also one of the bad boys, sometimes I hide and sometimes I complain about everyday things, “Lucien Jean-Baptiste also added. The latter started a family with his wife Aurélie Nollet, since they are the happy parents of two children. As a reminder, the director had already given birth to another child during a previous union. He had also lost a baby with one of his former companions when he was younger.


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