Lucas Digne: the confidences of his wife Tiziri on their couple and her life as a stay-at-home mother

TFX broadcast, this Monday, June 7 afternoon, a docu-series entitled Champions: Footballer families. In the latter, Tiziri, the companion of the international football player, Lucas Digne, spoke about his life as a couple and his role as a mother, which is very close to his heart. In an excerpt that she unveiled on her Instagram account, she reveals facing the camera to be “really fulfilled as a mother”. As a reminder, the lovebirds welcomed, in April 2019, a little boy named Isaho. In January 2021, a girl with the first name of Inhaya was born.

“I chose not to have any help. My children are neither at the nursery, nor do they have a nanny,” said the young woman, who met her husband when they were not yet than in Lycée, at the age of 16. Side heart, lovers form “a very close couple, very accomplice”, according to her. “Now, as parents, we are quite united. A good team”, continued the mother of the family with pride, visibly very happy in her daily life. Even if she is followed by more than 54,300 people on social networks, where she shares many photos of her little ones, Tiziri Digne is relatively discreet. In April 2020, however, she had experienced a mishap that she had told her fans. Indeed, the one she married in December 2014 and their son were traveling by plane to go to Manchester. While in a private jet, the trio had experienced a great fright that could have cost them their lives.

A reactor problem requiring an emergency landing

“We take off, everything is going normally and there, after 15-20 minutes, I see the two pilots grabbing and putting on oxygen masks”, she announced to her subscribers, stressing that she did not know of the everything that was happening except that the situation was anything but normal. “The plane starts to lean all the way to the right, or to the left, I don’t remember. We were too scared, the pilots still didn’t tell us anything … And there, there is one who turns around and we said: ‘Depressurization of the cabin and engine problem, we have to make an emergency landing,’ “she recounted. Fortunately, the aircraft finally landed on the ground without committing an accident. In any case, this is a bad memory that Tiziri Digne will not soon forget.

Lucas Digne and his partner Tiziri © VEEREN

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