Lucas Digne dad for the second time: his wife tells about the complications before giving birth

The Digne family is growing! As she announced on Sunday January 31, 2021 on her Instagram account, Tiziri Digne, the companion of Lucas Digne, has given birth to her second child. “Welcome baby. It was our well-kept secret, our little girl has entered our lives a new chapter opens, new adventures at 4” she wrote. To accompany this wonderful announcement, the young mother shared a black and white snapshot. On the latter we see the couple, more than happy, hugging their newborn in the hospital.

If happiness is at the rendezvous for Tiziri and Lucas Digne, all was not easy for the young woman before her childbirth. Indeed, as she specified in another post, she experienced some complications. “On January 19, I have an appointment to watch her for a cesarean section scheduled at 39 + 5. Several reasons are the cause: baby who does not look in the right direction and estimated between 3kg7 and 4kg1, pelvis too narrow therefore risk of coccyx fracture, scarring uterus therefore hemorrhagic risk. In short, a context unfavorable to the low path “she began.

Tiziri Digne on her childbirth: “I dreamed of a natural childbirth”

Then, Tiziri Digne added: “I had time to prepare myself for it but I do not accept this 2nd cesarean, I have been worried for several months, I who dreamed of a natural childbirth without peri, I think that I would never have it. I console myself by telling myself that in the end what matters is having my baby in good health with me. After a monitoring, a PCR test, a blood test and 6 attempts to insert a catheter, it is time to put on the gown and go to the operating room “. Note that Lucas and Tiziri Digne are already parents of a boy. The latter was born in April 2019. The little boy is named Isaho. For now, the first name of his little sister has not been revealed.

Lucas and Tiziri Digne © Instagram

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