Even the most unlikely couples can expect a more or less harmonious relationship, or at least one that works. The natives of the Taurus and Pisces zodiac signs are beings sensitive to stress. The Taurus-Pisces tandem may seem completely incongruous. And yet, both partners can take care of each other perfectly in times of stress. The Leo-Capricorn couple is not as unlikely as it looks. Although Leo is extroverted and Capricorn is introverted, these two Zodiac signs have, among other things, their ambition and their attachment to family.

Virgo and Gemini are opposite Zodiac signs. Against all odds, these two signs can get along perfectly well in a relationship. We can even say that they complement each other and are particularly compatible when it comes to communication. Libra and Scorpio are signs that follow each other. In the field of astrology, the two signs that follow each other are often not compatible. Libra’s romance thrown into the fire of Scorpio’s passion can spark a lot.

An incongruous but ambitious couple

Difficult to find more stubborn than Sagittarius and Aquarius among the signs of the Zodiac. Sagittarius and Aquarius can come together to accomplish their common ambition. These two signs aspire to change the world and even if almost everything opposes them, they can unite for good causes. However, as for all the most incongruous couples, nothing at all can put an end to the idyll. Sagittarius and Aquarius, for example, are the type who do not know how to express their emotions clearly.

Love: these zodiac signs that form the most incongruous couples

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