Although no couple can be like any other, specialists have been able to identify 5 main categories of couples. Your couple is surely in one of these categories of which the “associative couple” belongs. At the end of the study he conducted with his team at the University of Lausanne, Professor Jean Kellerhals explains the profile of the associative couple. If your couple is all about independence and individuality, it is most likely an associative couple. Each of the partners enjoys a certain freedom and independence in what they do. Everything is not done together!

On the other hand, for everything that must be shared or that would affect the common interests of the couple, communication and negotiation are the most preferred ways. Although the couple may not agree on everything, and it often does, through communication, points of difference and divergence are discussed and often lead to consensual solutions. Moreover, the associative couple draws the essence of its development from the great flexibility of their relationship, even in the management of daily life.

The limits of the associative couple

A couple of the associative type seems to have all the ingredients to last over time, after all it has one of the essential ingredients: communication. To this we can add the independence of each of the partners which suggests that no one is harmed, even less annihilated. However, Professor Jean Kellerhals points out that the complicity and amorous pleasure of the couple can be relegated to the background because of the excess of independence and individuality. Moreover, everyone can be tempted to avoid conflicts, which could lead to an implosion of the couple. A scenario that can occur when individual interests are not compatible with those of the couple.

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