There are as many types of couples as there are people. Certainly, the personality of each necessarily influences the life of a couple. Only, it is quite possible to categorize couples according to the situations they live. Doctor Brian Ogolsky gladly explains what are the characteristics of a dramatic couple. As the name suggests, this type of couple is far from the perfect picture. He often tends to experience more lows than highs in the relationship.

The first sign of a dramatic couple is the extent of the influence of external factors in the relationship. Doctor Brian Ogolsky explains that these external factors are decisive in the life of the couple. Moreover, all projects and decisions to be made are necessarily based on these factors. Dramatic couples often avoid taking initiatives inherent in the couple for fear of conflict and creating drama.

The negative takes up a lot of space in the relationship

One of the unmistakable signs in a dramatic couple is the strong negative. Couple decisions are made based on negative events. This discourages any positive aspect in the relationship. Which is why a dramatic couple goes through a lot of ups and downs with a commitment that’s never looking good.

“They go through a lot of ups and downs, their commitment swings a lot, they tend to make decisions based on negative events and discourage the positive aspects of the relationship,” says Dr. Brian Ogolsky.

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