All couples are not necessarily destructive as is the case with dramatic couples. Others, although they are very attached to the influence of those around them, such as sociable couples, are made to live a harmonious relationship. Among the duos that are destined to be happy and that in the long term, there is the companion couple. The first sign to know if your couple falls into this category is the connection between the two of you. Indeed, as its name suggests, a companion couple is made to realize projects together.

Working on a common project and succeeding is a natural thing for this couple. Moreover, there is great flexibility in the relationship since the duo easily shares the tasks to be accomplished even without having to communicate. The other sign is the sharing of a common ideal. Whether it is the social success of the couple or the education of the children, you will necessarily have a common conception. When you are two, everything goes!

The companion pair is lost individually

Another sign of the companion pair, although negative, is the loss of individuality. The tendency is often towards the priorities of the couple and the family. This means that everyone can no longer identify without the couple. Certainly, joint projects aim to develop the couple, but individual development should in no way be underestimated. After all, the development of each contributes a great deal to the development and durability of the couple.

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Lara T.
Lara T.

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