Many couples are perfectly happy together. This is the case of the companion couple or the cocoon couple. Except there are a few differences. Indeed, Professor Jean Kellerhals, from the University of Lausanne, explains that the cocoon couple tends to erect a bubble in the relationship. Unlike the sociable couple, the cocoon couple has a natural tendency to cut themselves off from the outside world. Besides this point, one of the distinctive signs of this type of couple is the powerful bond that unites the partners.

This couple is fighting tooth and nail to maintain their privacy. Suffice to say, there is no more secret than their family life. Not to mention the fact that what happens to the rest of the world is completely irrelevant to them. However, if they are very closed with the outside world, the couple life of cocoon couples is all that is most magnificent. The atmosphere is often comfortable and there is a good understanding between the couple. Let us also add the generosity which is very present. Note that the distribution of tasks is in no way rigid. Just like companion couples, each naturally understands what to do and the couple innately complement each other.

Except that the exterior is not necessarily bad

Professor Jean Kellerhals explains all the same that erecting a wall to cut off the relationship with the outside is not necessarily a good thing. Indeed, a cocoon couple is quite simply incapable of taking advantage of the enrichment that their external environment can provide. The specialist also adds the bad side of the strong closeness between the partners.

This can create too much dependency. Which can be tricky in certain situations or when faced with certain problems. For example, the couple will not be able to assert themselves if one is missing. Similarly, it is often essential that the couple be complete to enjoy certain festivities. This is therefore a point to be settled if you want the relationship to be lasting.

Love: these signs that show that you are in a “cocoon couple” © Pexels

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