In general, men are players. Is he serious with you? Is his interest fake? It is completely normal to have doubts. Especially when you know that stories of the heart are delicate. Still, there are some signs that don’t lie when a man is genuinely interested in you. The first sign is at the raise level. Indeed, he is the one who always sends the first message. So he takes the initiative to start the conversation every time.

The other sign of interest is in the questions he asks. A man who is really interested always asks a lot of questions. This proves that he is really interested in you, your life and everything around you. Besides, sometimes this part can be quite tiring especially when he asks for details of everything you do. There is also this strong desire to see you and to interact directly with you. Indeed, a man who is interested in you wants to see you! He always arranges the appointments!

Simple compliments to keep her interested

If you want his interest in you to lead to something, it is good to keep him awake. Luckily, nurturing a man’s interest isn’t difficult. Men are often enough with a few words. Already, we must not forget that a man is evaluated according to what he can accomplish. By encouraging him in his daily life, you will necessarily earn points.

“I’m so proud of you” ! These simple words can dramatically change a person’s world. In a man, you will show him that you respect and support him. Suffice to say, he will only have eyes for you.

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Lara T.
Lara T.

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