Marriage is not just a big word, but a concept that some people hold dear. If some dream of it, others are terrified of it. The thing is, marriage isn’t for everyone, and for a variety of reasons. By the way, there are three zodiac signs for whom marriage isn’t really a way to go. The first to this is Sagittarius. In addition to having the reputation of being the most unfaithful sign of the whole zodiac, the natives of this sign have a lot of trouble settling down. Being a fire sign obviously doesn’t help! In any case, it is quite possible for Sagittarius to love only one person and for a very long time. Although it is rare!

The second sign for whom marriage means almost nothing is Gemini. This water sign is not afraid to be the center of attention. Here, the problem lies above all in routine and daily boredom. For Gemini, commitment is synonymous with boredom. Only, if you are in a relationship with a Gemini native, do not lose hope. After all, when this sign finds its rare pearl, it will do anything to make her happy.

Love: Fire signs don’t go with marriage

The last sign that is not compatible with marriage is Aries. Here again we are dealing with a sign of fire. Let’s not forget that Aries is a great adventurer who is particularly fond of seduction. What is wrong with the concept of marriage. The natives of Aries quickly fall in love and forget just as quickly. Rather physical, we are far from the great romantic who only seeks to land!

Love: these astrological signs for whom marriage is not a foregone conclusion

Love: these astrological signs for whom marriage is not a foregone conclusion © Pexels

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