She’s loved him for 40 years…and she ended up marrying him. In Las Vegas, an American in love with the color pink formalized her marriage to the latter.

She is nicknamed “the pinkest woman in the world”. On January 2, Kitten Kay Sera celebrated her wedding in Las Vegas with the love of her life: the color pink. “This is the most beautiful day of my life! I married my great love. The color pink”, wrote the young bride in the caption of a photo of the big day posted on Instagram. Dressed in a pale pink wedding dress, Kitten takes a break in front of a cake covered with candy pink icing, itself placed on a Chevrolet as pink as Barbie’s. On her feet, she wears pink sequined shoes and holds in her hand pink balloons, you guessed it.

Kitten’s love affair with the color pink began on her 20th birthday, KVVU-TV reveals. As she prepared to celebrate this new milestone, the young woman pulled out of her closet a pink top, a pink puffy skirt, pink shoes and accessories of the same color. That’s when everything changed. “I felt fabulous. I thought to myself, if wearing so much pink makes me feel like this, why wouldn’t I wear it every day? Going back to wearing white t-shirts and blue jeans seemed absurd to me. .I didn’t want to wait for another special occasion to feel amazing again.I wanted to feel beautiful in pink every day.I sold my car to have enough money to leave my hometown of Houston,Texas , and I took the road to Hollywood.”

“I am a flamingo in a world of pigeons”

Since then, Kitten estimates to have spent more than 1.35 million dollars (about 1.20 million euros) on pink accessories. “It sounds like a lot, but if you spread it all out over several decades, it’s not more than what people spend on cars, sofas and upholstery, she says. The only difference is that every penny is spent on something rosy.” Particularly conspicuous, his love for pink sometimes attracts judgment and criticism. Remarks that she takes with a smile, too comfortable in her skin to attach importance to the narrow-mindedness of others: “I like to say that I am a pink flamingo in a world of pigeons, confides- she says. When I walk down a crowded street, everyone wears gray and black. There’s no character, no individuality. And yet people say it’s me, the crazy one!” Crazy about pink… That’s for sure!


Lara T.
Lara T.

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