It is only on Monday October 17 that the two new episodes of Love is in the meadow will be broadcast from 9:10 p.m. on M6, but as always they are available in advance on Salto. And they reserve a particularly moving moment between one of the farmers who participate in the show and his suitor. This is Guillaume du Limousin, the breeder of suckler cows and red label poultry. This very shy person, after the speed-dating, invited two young women to his home, namely Margot and Noémie. The two contenders had already made people talk about her because of a friendship that made Guillaume uncomfortable… Yes, coming from the same region, Margot and Noémie had decided to come to the farm together by carpooling. An unprecedented situation in Love is in the meadow, which made things even more delicate for a Guillaume who was already particularly stressed.

And stressful situations don’t stop there, although they can sometimes lead to heart-to-heart conversations that can only encourage a connection. This is what happens in the Monday, October 17 episode of Love is in the meadow, while Guillaume and Noémie prepare together the arrival of hundreds of chicks for the breeder. It all starts with an awkward conversation during which Guillaume tries to let Noémie know that she is his favorite suitor. Wanting to tease her a little, he tells her that she is much more shy than her friend and competitor, Margot. And Noémie replies: “Afterwards, I’m not extroverted. And it’s just a facade, it’s to protect me, basically I’m shy as a girl”. But Guillaume puts it back on and wonders how such a pretty girl can’t find a shoe that suits her closer to home.

Noémie: “Before I was 30kg heavier”

This is what launches Noémie to tackle the subject of appearances and beauty which, as she puts it so well, “can’t be eaten in a salad”, namely that it isn’t everything. “I don’t particularly want to be judged on the ‘pretty’ aspect, you see. Because I haven’t always been the superficial girl… besides, I still am not. It’s just an aspect that I give” explained the young woman. Words that did not fail to arouse the curiosity of Guillaume, who asked him for some clarification on this subject. Noémie therefore decided to talk to her about her past, explaining: “Before, I was 30 kg heavier, so self-esteem was obviously not the same…”. Information that could help Guillaume to better understand her and to understand certain aspects of her personality. Moreover, if Noémie is still single, it is, according to her, “that I should not have found, that’s all, I trust fate”. Enough to allow Guillaume to respond tit for tat “Destiny is Guillaume du Limousin”. That’s all we want for them.

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Love is in the meadow © Capture / M6

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