Whether for the personal, professional or romantic aspect of your life, it is quite possible to question your numbers. In numerology, the life path, which is a number between 1 and 9, can reveal hidden facts. With practice, this number can even reveal things about your future. As with the life path of a person, the life path of a couple can also tell a lot about the latter. To know the life path of your couple, it is enough to know yours and that of your partner or the person you secretly desire.

The calculation of the individual life path goes like this: you take all the digits of your date of birth and add them together. If the result of the first operation gives a two-digit number, do a second operation by adding these two digits. The calculation stops when you obtain a single-digit number between 1 and 9. Finally, add your life path and that of your partner to obtain the life path of your couple. Follow the same principle when doing this last calculation.

The couple 3: the tandem of commitment

Your couple is part of the 3 couples if their life path is 3. A 3 couple is the archetype of the couple who likes to put the ring on their finger. This is because the 3 represents contracts and projects in the Tarot. Moreover, the partners of a couple 3 have a predisposition to agree to set up joint projects, to aim for and achieve the same objectives. A Couple 3 is the kind of couple that likes to make everything official, starting with their relationship.

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