Numerology, like other divinatory arts including astrology and cartomancy, allows us to find answers to the questions that plague us. Your date of birth, your first name or your last name can be deciphered in numerology. These elements reveal hidden realities relating to your personality and many facets of your life. If you are worried about your couple’s love compatibility or if you simply want to know more about it, numerology can help you. To study the love compatibility of a couple, numerology uses their life path.

The life path of a couple is none other than the sum of the life paths of the two partners. To calculate your own life path, take all the numbers from your date of birth and add them together. A life path is necessarily a number between 1 and 9. So, if you get a number made up of two digits, keep adding them until you get a single digit. Do this with your partner’s date of birth to calculate their life path. Finally add your two life paths and reduce as explained above if you get a two-digit number.

Couple 2: a winning duo in love

If the life path of your couple is 2, then you are a couple 2. Life path 2, for a couple, is the life path of complementarity. According to numerologists, 2 couples are made for each other. It is the ideal configuration giving rise naturally to the birth of a baby. A couple 2 often displays a very great complicity. You and your partner have a good chance of complementing each other. Passion often reigns within a couple 2. However, it is necessary to avoid taking too much pleasure in it in order to avoid turning a blind eye to potential worries.

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