This Thursday, December 15, 2022, RMC is interested in murderous adolescents. The channel will come back to the Louveciennes killings. On the night of February 26 to 27, 1995, a young man called the police. In a state of shock, Alexi asks that the police immediately come to his home, in Louveciennes. But when they arrive, the investigators will discover a real tragedy: six people have been killed by firearm. Faced with this massacre, the police will immediately question Alexi and the leads will converge on him. If at first, he denies the facts, but will quickly confess. The teenager killed six people using his father’s three weapons: a Kalashnikov, a Custom single-shot pistol and a Unique carbine.

According to the statements of the young man, he would have killed all his family, in reaction to the violence of the father, Eugene, 42 years old, a newly rich Russian who made his fortune in the timber industry. But now nine months after the killing, he retracts. He will then change version: “He speaks of a man dressed in black, his face hidden under a balaclava, speaking Russian. This stranger would have killed the six people and would have forced the boy to shoot at his father’s body. This The man in black was, according to Alexi, looking for a red folder which he eventually found with the inscription “30 million dollars”. Before leaving, the killer would have launched to the boy: “You will call the police and accuse you. You see what we are capable of. Thank your father.”

Alexi victim of machination?

According to his lawyers, the young man is the victim of a plot. “They evoke the professionalism of the executions: a single shot out of sixteen would not have reached its target. And even if the father, Eugene Polevoï, was angry, he knew how to be generous. The young man, nicknamed “the teddy bear ” by his classmates, had a studio near his high school and 10,000 francs in pocket money. For his friends, Alexi did not hate his father to the point of killing him.”

Louveciennes killings: this “man in black” who cast doubt in the investigation

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