Louis Spencer: who is “Prince Harry light” who will inherit a precious possession from Lady Di?

It’s a controversial tradition. Rather than applying the rule of absolute primogeniture which would amount to bequeathing the precious property to his eldest daughter, Charles Spencer intends to continue a tradition dating from the 16th century according to which the transmission of the Althorp family estate is made from father to son. Princess Diana’s nephew, Louis Spencer, is therefore expected to inherit the historic home in Northamptonshire, in the East Midlands, in central England.

Her three older sisters Lady Kitty, Lady Eliza and Lady Amelia will not receive a dime from Lady Di’s childhood home. Male-favored primogeniture “can be a touchy subject, because as times change, so do attitudes,” Lady Kitty reported, The Daily Mirror. “But we grew up understanding that it’s Louis’ inheritance, and Louis will do an incredible job.”

Princess Diana’s brother, the current Count Spencer, declared in 2015 that he was in keeping with tradition. “I would be totally prepared for Kitty to inherit it, but … if I chose Kitty it would go against all the tradition that goes with Althorp.”

“Prince Harry light”

Louis Spencer, the spitting image of his cousin Prince Harry, has been dubbed ‘Prince Harry light’. As the eldest son of the siblings, he is the Spencer’s County heir apparent at 27. His relatives describe him as someone “very reserved” and “kind.” Three years ago, at the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, he became the most coveted bachelor of the British elite.

After a childhood spent in Cape Town, South Africa, he returned to the UK to study at the University of Edinburgh. Then, Louis Spencer embarked on an acting career.

Althorp Estate © Wikimedia

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