The day of reckoning has come ! A few hours before the New Year, Louane shared on her Instagram account a video retracing her best moments of 2021. If she has unveiled many videos where she appears alongside her companion, Florian Rossi, but also on stage, it is the first image in the video that made Internet users react enormously: the little feet of her 20-month-old daughter, Esmée! “Esme’s feet at the start, I’m dying”; “Happy New Year my Louane, I love you very much. Esme’s little feet at the start”; “The first video hits me”; “We don’t want to see your baby anymore, she must be beautiful like you”, we can read in the comments section.

Discreet about her private life, it was in an interview with Gala a few days earlier that Louane had made some confidences about her motherhood. She had explained then: “I am a mother wolf. I protect my daughter enormously from all media coverage. I am not going to impose something so intense on her, and, moreover, that she did not choose. I know. She’s already going to have a special life: at school, it won’t be easy to be my daughter, for example. Suddenly, I don’t want to add more. ” Believing she’s a cool mom, the singer added, “If she’s decided to put some paste or paint on her head, she does. It’s material. I’m just doing my best to limit the damage. You see. : I let her explore, experiment. I don’t impose her toys or her way of dressing on her. In fact, she does what she wants. She is small, we get along well! My daughter is 20 months old, she walks, starts to talk and also to choose her clothes. “

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Why does Louane not reveal his daughter’s face?

Happy mom, the star never wanted to present her daughter to her fans. In July 2020, it was at RTL’s microphone that she explained: “You have to know how to protect yourself and those around you, I have never talked too much about my family and it is not now that I will start because I chose that life, not them in general. To find some form of happiness, you have to know how to protect yourself. “

Louane © VEEREN

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