Lou Doillon became a mother at the age of 19, and is very close to her only son. Fruit of his love with the musician John Ulysses Mitchell, Marlow Jack Tiger was born on July 12, 2002. If the young man is not present on social networks and is rather discreet, he does not hesitate to appear with his famous mother on the way out of fashion shows. In 2012, it was at the age of ten that Marlow Jack Tiger took his first steps as an actor, thanks to a small role in the film directed by his grandfather Jacques Doillon, Un enfant de toi. If Charlotte Gainsbourg’s half-sister did not want her son to follow this path, it was for Paris Match that she revealed: “The mission was for it to disgust him a little, and it succeeded. My father was ‘rare violence, well, as it is with us. ”

In 2019, it was during an interview with Elle magazine that Lou Doillon had made some confidences about his son, Marlowe Jack Tiger. Indeed, the singer and actress is impressed by her maturity: “He is someone of great gentleness and great serenity, which seems quite surprising to me when I think of myself at the same age …” Moved, she then added: “In fact, I am like the witness of his development, even if I always tried to put limits, to impose rules. I think that his father and I had such a complicated adolescence. he doesn’t want to go through the same things. He comes from a family where some people behaved quite excessively, so he doesn’t want to put himself in danger. ”

What education did Lou Doillon give to her son?

In 2013, the 38-year-old star told Psychologies magazine: “I’m very stiff with him, like my dad can be.” She then explained: “I have murderous sentences and little patience. At the same time, like my mother, I like to embark on adventures, to go far into the game with him … You must know that I am coming from a family that lives in the cult of Peter Pan. We all live there like children. Until Anno’s death, when we went to Wales, we all played hide and seek together, parents, children , for hours !”

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