In September 2020, Lorie revealed to her fans that she had given birth to a baby girl during the summer. If the singer is very discreet about her private life, it was in an interview with Parents that she confided in humor about her very funny childbirth! “My little girl decided to arrive 5 weeks early. We were still on vacation when my water broke. She wanted to arrive on her dad’s birthday! That morning, we put on the candles on the bun. We said to ourselves that in the evening, we were going to have a restaurant on the beach. He had planned to go surfing after lunch, it was his day… And not in the end, since after having blown out the candles on the brioche in the morning, my shorts were soaked, and there, I look at my companion, I say to him: ‘I think my water just broke.'”, she recalled.

Far from home, Lorie had nevertheless inquired about the hospitals in the area. She explained: “I told my companion: if anything happens, you take me to Bayonne hospital, they are level 3, there is a neonatal service, finally, I I had really done my research. We arrived there, I was in flip flops and a beach dress…” When she arrived at the hospital, her water bag was well and truly pierced. Amused, the singer said: “I had nothing with me, everything was in Paris, so I really arrived in tourist mode at the hospital, the toes fanned out in the flip-flops.”

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Lorie: “It was the best moment of my life”

With emotion, the singer remembered her meeting with her little Nina. “I heard her little cry, her little cry, and they brought her right next to me. I didn’t have time to have her in my arms right away, because I had to they’re taking her for a check-up, as she had arrived 5 weeks early. And as there were little breathing problems, I just had time to give her a kiss,” she said. , before adding: “She left with Yann, he went skin to skin with her. The time to sew me up and half an hour later, they both arrived, I had it on me, and there, it was the most beautiful moment of my life.”

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