Looking at old photos of the family home, he makes a totally unthinkable discovery

Sussex real estate developer Freddy Goodall, 23, has made a special discovery on the house owned by his 500-year-old family. Scrupulously scrutinizing the photos of the house, he notices a door in the house’s library dating from the 16th century. A door that he is however not able to see in the room today. This is what motivated him to do research. “I looked for it but couldn’t see anything at first, then I realized it was hidden behind a shelf,” he told Jam Press before adding, “Finally, behind one of the books, I found a hole that overlooked the hidden room “.

The Freddy Goodall story has garnered no less than 4.5 million views since it was uploaded to Tik Tok. In his video, the young man is seen removing books and unscrewing the wooden panel before finding a dark, empty room behind the fireplace. Subsequently, he discovers another panel on the ground. After taking it off, he is stunned to see a secret passage leading to underground rooms.

“His adventure does not end there …”

As he travels through the underground tunnels, Freddy Goodall goes from room to room. These numerous corridors would have been used by the servants in order to move more easily in the property. Passages that would have been forgotten by the owner over time. Among the greatest mysteries he uncovers is a brick wall inscribed with many mysterious names and dates in chalk.

He also discovered an old safe where he found books dating back to 1848 as well as letters and property information. This house is said to have been used as an educational institution in the 1900s.

Freddy Goodall © The Sun

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