It was forty years ago… On July 16, 1982, Patrick Dewaere committed suicide at the age of 35. He then left behind his two daughters, Angele and Lola, who were then 8 and 3 years old respectively. In an interview granted to Paris Match, Lola Dewaere confided: “I quickly understood that photography would be the best way to get closer to him. With his films, it was more complicated, I blocked for a long time to watch them. I thought Les valseuses or Série noire were too dark. The only movie my grandparents allowed me to see was Coup de tête.” After revealing that this film remains her favourite, the actress said, “I discovered my father’s filmography only eight years ago…I think it’s because of maturity…I I was finally ready and it didn’t hurt me.”

Referring to watching the films her father starred in, Lola Dewaere said: “Every time I start a film, I spend the first five minutes saying to myself, ‘It’s crazy how much we look alike, we have same facial expressions, same gestures.’ And then, very quickly, I forget that it is about him and I let myself be carried away by his character. Today, the actress has seen all of her father’s films except one. “I still have one last film to discover: The Key to the Door. I can’t wait, but at the same time, I like the idea of ​​knowing that I still have one left… Watch his films above all allows me to hear his voice, which I only know through his characters”, he revealed. With emotion, the young woman added: “I did not grow up with the weight of his absence, I managed to make it a strength.”

Lola Dewaere: “I’d rather have the image of a light father than a tortured one”

On July 26, 2010, in an interview with Paris Match, the actress revealed that her mother had not spoken to her about her father for many years. “It was a taboo subject. As soon as one of her films was on television, she changed the channel. Saying her name was like saying a bad word”, she had indicated before adding: “In On the other hand, she always spoke to me about her death in very crude terms. I always heard her say: ‘Your father shot himself in the mouth.’ She also said: ‘He let us down.'” Referring to the filmography of Patrick Dewaere, the actress had slipped: “I never managed to see Black Series to the end. Something bothers me. talent as an actor, but I prefer to have the image of a light father than a tortured one.”



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