Lola Dewaere never had her tongue in her pocket. And once again, the actress showed her strong temper! Determined to show her body as it is, the actress has decided to silence the rumors. In an Instagram post, she revealed herself from the back, in a swimsuit. “Christmas present. (to prove to those who think that I have become “skinny” I quote, that there are still some left! And I’m proud of it! AIM FOR THE LUUUUUNE)”, she wrote in the caption. A publication that has been greeted by a large number of her fans, congratulating her for showing herself as she is!

Lola Dewaere had already considered her weight and her relationship to the body. “Yes. I dared to go short. Very short. So I couldn’t sit in the restaurant. I don’t recommend it. A little less weight and hop you think you’re Gigi Hadid! Nimp”, explained -she. In front of several pictures published on her social networks, the actress had received many questions about her weight loss. And as usual, the actress is very cash: “Girls, stop asking me about my diet. Look, it’s 12:43 a.m. and I’m eating. You think that’s a diet, “had – she writes enjoying a cake. “I stopped hormonal treatment and I no longer worry about food. Above all, above all, I regularly fast for 12/24 hours, that’s magic. It rests the body”.

Lola Dewaere very cash on her weight

To show her good faith and the veracity of her words, Lola Dewaere had even opened her cupboards: “So you will have wanted it, since people still ask me how I did to lose weight, which I keep saying that it’s due to a stoppage of a hormonal treatment that I took for 20 years. you seem not to believe me. Here is my food. Is there a melon or a vegetable lying around over there, sorry to disappoint you but no!”. What to make everyone agree!

Lola Dewaere: "proud" of her shape, the actress posts an amazing photo to prove that she has not become "skinny"

Lola Dewaere © Pierre Perusseau

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