Lola Dewaere has always had to deal with variations in her weight. Whatever she did, whether she gained weight or lost it, she was always the target of many remarks. “It’s incredible, there is always someone who will find fault with my physique, I lost 10 kg, I did not lose 50. It is true that I was very very round before , but I have the impression, when people talk to me, that I was obese”, thus confided the actress in the columns of Télé-Loisirs, Tuesday January 10, 2023. Today, Lola Dewaere assumes her image of round woman who assumes. Only, that has not always been the case.

“I realized that I was, in the popular reflection of women who are a 42 or a 44, an actress who assumed her forms but I never really assumed my weight. I have always said that I I found too fat, and that on the screen I did not find myself pretty.” If she has managed to lose weight, it is not, however, either by choice or by obligation. “People think I was influenced by the system, but not at all.” The reason: the 43-year-old actress was kind enough to reveal it. It was by stopping hormonal treatment that she saw a few pounds fly away.

Lola Dewaere: “I’m anti-diet and I have fun all the time”

“I’m anti-diet and I indulge myself all the time. Since I stopped this treatment, I have less desire to eat, so I can do fasts more easily, 24 to 48 hours, one to two times a week, it’s quite magical. I don’t restrict myself at all and no one has asked me to lose weight. It’s my body taking back its rights,” she said before adding: “I will never be thin. I have room! I still have thighs and huge buttocks, everything is fine!”

Lola Dewaere has "never really assumed her weight": her terrible secrets about her body

Lola Dewaere © Pierre Perusseau

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