Lois and Clark, the new adventures of Superman: what happened to them?

The news had broken the hearts of fans: while Lois & Clark the new adventures of Superman was to have a season 5, the ABC channel had finally canceled the order. Enough to leave the groupies of the program on their hunger! After the show ended, what happened to the actors?

Dean Cain (Clark / Kent Superman)

After the show suddenly stopped, Dean Cain was spotted in a few series (Elite Division, Smallville). He has multiplied roles in Christmas TV movies like A Nanny for Christmas (he shoots at least one a year) and landed the role of the heroine’s father in Supergirl. He also appeared on the reality TV show The Jump in 2016. And recently, we discovered his incredible career change as he is now a reserve officer at the Saint Anthony Police Department in Idaho. On the private side, he would still be in a relationship with actress Samantha Torres with whom he had a son, Christopher.

Teri Hatcher (Lois Lane)

She became James Bond Girl but also, the unforgettable Susan Mayer in Desperate Housewives. Since the end of the series, Teri Hatcher has done animation dubbing (Plane 1 and 2, Jake and the Never Land pirates)! In 2017, also like Dean, she starred in Supergirl. She also launched her Youtube channel in 2018, where she chats with passers-by on existential topics. After her second marriage to Jon Tenney (father of her daughter Emerson) she was in a relationship with Dean Cain, but also James Denton (the sexy Mike Delfino), but since then, little is known about her private life. .

Justin Whalin (Jimmy Olsen)

After Lois & Clark, Justin Whalin who played the photographer of the Daily Planet had a hard time. His most prominent role was in the movie Dungeon & Dragons. He has since disappeared from circulation but is rather active on Instagram …

John Shea (Lex Luthor)

We spotted him in Sex and the City, Medium, but above all, in Gossip Girls between 2007 and 2012. He also played in the film Honey, I enlarged the baby. In 2015, he appeared in 10 episodes of Agent X, alongside Sharon Stone, but also in the series Bones. On the personal side, he has been married twice and has two children.

Lois and Clark, the new adventures of Superman: what happened to them? © WARNER BROS

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