Before dying, Kevin Reid lived a real nightmare. Very ill, this 55-year-old Australian was declared dead on December 5 by staff at Rockingham General Hospital. But the palliative care doctor did not immediately draw up an official death certificate, local media report. After announcing the terrible news to his loved ones, the body of Kevin Reid was taken to the morgue before his burial. The following day, September 6, a doctor authorized to certify death reportedly found clues suggesting… that this Australian could have been taken to the morgue while still alive, reports Business News.

Workers at Rockingham Genera Hospital told the doctor that Kevin Reid’s body was transferred to the morgue in a body bag and the man was placed in a resting position with his eyes closed. Except that in the morgue, the doctor found him lying in a different position. The corpse the Kevin Reid then had his eyes open, blood on his blouse and the body bag was open. “I believe that fresh blood from a new skin tear, the position of the arms and the eye signs were inconsistent with a person who was post-mortem when he arrived at the morgue,” the doctor wrote in a memo sent to the medical examiner. .

An investigation has been opened

South Metropolitan Health Service police have denied that Kevin Reid was placed alive in a body bag and then taken to the morgue. Paul Forden, the chief executive of the country’s health service, also insisted that a body could move after death. “I’ve spoken to senior pathologists and senior doctors, he told the Telegraph. The human body is a complex organism and in fact there are post-mortem movements, fluids are discharged close to the dead.” An investigation has been opened to shed light on this tragic incident.

Locked by mistake in a body bag, he succumbs while trying to free himself on the way to the morgue

Tragic trip to the morgue © Pexels

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